Our trip to Chicago this week took us up I-65 through Benton County, Indiana and past the midwest’s newest and largest wind farm, the Fowler Ridge Wind Farm 90 miles north of Indianapolis.

A project of BP Wind Energy and Virginia-based Dominion Resources, the site is now producing about 400 MW of power, enough for 120,000 homes. It is slated to expand up to about 750 MW.

GE makes 1.5MW turbines in Greenville, SC, but these are V82-1.65MW Vestas, made in Denmark.

Of course, we had to get off the road and get closer look. You had to strain to hear any sound from them – at best an almost inaudible “whh-whh”. (Someone else shot this video earlier this year. They were spinning a tad faster on Wednesday.)

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  1. Tom Sullivan says:

    BP and Dominion – clearly left-leaning, unserious firms investing in wind turbines as a stunt.