Thank You, Asheville!




  1. Byron Belzak says:

    Congratulations, Gordon. I know that you’ll do much to build real community throughout Asheville and hope that you take the initiative to work with Buncombe County officials and citizens in productive ways.

  2. Sandy says:

    Congratulations, Gordon! I’m certain you will be a fine leader!

  3. Michael Muller says:

    Now can I have a yard sign you cheap-ass bastard?

  4. Diogenes says:


  5. randallt says:

    No, THANK YOU Gordon! Now let’s do this. Asheville can only get better. And congratulations to Esther and Cecil! Fine campaigns all around.

  6. Gordon, you ran an excellent campaign that I hope conservatives in Asheville can learn from, though I very much doubt it.


  7. Kristin Marsh says:

    Congratulations Gordon!

  8. barry says:

    Yeah, yeah. Now, can you help me with those parking tickets now?

  9. Tom Jones says:

    Congratulations Gordon! Unfortunately, liberty did not have as good a day up here in Maine yesterday.

  10. shadmarsh says:

    So will you be coming out personally to fix this pothole or will you be sending someone?

  11. barry says:


    Tim Peck(1) and (3) have gracefully conceded, but Tim Peck(2) is talking recount.

  12. Tim Peck(4) has removed all trace of the campaign from his website.

  13. Robin Ramsey says:

    We’re having issues with our recyclables being picked up, and there’s delivery trucks blocking the already congested road, and there was a piece of trash on the sidewalk this morning, and a dog was doing his business on the park in front of our building, and the pigeons are leaving presents on my car, and the little tree beside our parking deck was abused by a passing child and needs a trim, and my water is not flowing fast enough, and the street sweeper needs to sweep the streets, and the bears are knocking over trash cans, and the chickens are clucking too much, and we’re in the ETJ but we’re not getting the services we deserve, and the ……

    welcome to public life!!!!! have a ball.

  14. Joy B. says:

    And a hearty congratulations to Gordon from the “outside agitator” cast and crew!!!

  15. We’re so proud of you up here in Watauga! You were part of a state-wide impressive showing of progressive strength. So much for that big tea-bagger revolution! Now, go pave those pot-holes!

  16. barry says:

    I for one will miss having Carl to kick around. Half-seriously, really. Say what you like about the guy, and I’ve said some harsh things myself, I truly believe he was in it because he wanted to serve. Even while disagreeing with him, I always found him to be sincere, hard-working, and with a genuine sense of humor. I’m glad he lost, but I look forward to him finding a way to annoy us again in the future.

  17. Jenny Bowen says:

    Perfect video – so Asheville – just like you.
    Congrats Councilman my Councilman.

  18. Congratulations, Gordon, from all of us at the Liberal Coalition and me at Bark Bark Woof Woof.

  19. Doug Gibson says:

    Barry, I don’t know how many others agree with you re: Carl, but I do. All the same, I was pulling for “write-in” to come in fourth, and a little disappointed when Carl managed to pull it out.

    Congratulations, Gordon!

  20. Liza Sapir says:

    Wow!! Congrats Gordon! You’re an inspiration. Wish I could be down in Carolina to see you in action doing more great things for Asheville.

  21. Jim says:

    Not only is it a trip and a half having you and Cecil there because of your integrity, but because of your creativity as well.