Today is a Good Day to Dial


Bring your cell phone when you’re voting early today for one of Asheville’s best politicians. After 8:30 or so, you might want to call Heath Shuler’s office.

If you weren’t one of the 315,000 or so callers who heeded OFA’s advice and rang up their congresspeople on Wednesday (and even if you were), today would be another good day to call  Our Congressman. Nancy Pelosi looks to have the votes for the most robust version of the public option yet proposed in Congress, and it would be a shame for Heath Shuler to be out of the office when history calls. The Caucus meeting is this morning, and though we might not be able to convert Shuler, it’s probably good that every Democratic member get another earful right up to the start of the meeting.

And if someone at the other end says something about “voting his district,” you can mention this lovely post from last month by Nate Silver. He’s just making an educated guess based on poverty statistics and the support for Obama in our district — nobody, to my knowledge, has polled on the public option in NC-11 — but by his estimate, if someone were to poll, they’d find majority support for a public option in our little corner of the state. Oh, and if they say something about the deficit, Nancy’s got that one covered as well.

As always, be polite, but be sure to ask him specifically to vote for the robust public option. Asheville office: 252-1651; DC office: (202) 225-6401.

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