Republicans Lining Up To Have A Go At Shuler


punch_in_the_faceWhile I find this HT-N editorial impossibly optimistic about Republicans’ chances in the Congressional elections next year, it’s interesting enough to give a read:

A few weeks ago, Henderson County Republican Party Chairman Robert Danos trumpeted efforts by local Republicans to clear the primary field for Greg Newman, the Hendersonville mayor who announced last week that he is running for Congress.
“Newman is obviously the best known candidate in and around Hendersonville, but he will be challenged by others.

Last week attorney Ed Krause, 62, of Marion, announced his candidacy. Daniel J. Ostergaard, a professor at Western Carolina University who is a Coast Guard Academy graduate with a background in homeland security, is also considering a run.

Neither Krause nor Ostergaard will have the base or the support that Newman will have. They’re from the eastern and western edges of the district.

The bigger problem for the Hendersonville mayor is Carl Mumpower. Even if he loses his re-election bid to the Asheville City Council, Mumpower, of the outsized ego and lofty self-regard, may be unable to resist the siren song of 1994-Redux.”


  1. Jenny Bowen says:

    Just commenting that the photo is one disturbing picture.
    What is wrong with that man’s face?? It looks like he’s in a vacuum or something. Weird.

  2. barry says:

    I think the idea is that is what Heath Shuler would look like in the instant that someone clocked him real good.

  3. Tim Peck says:

    I swear I felt like that picture this morning.

  4. Michael Muller says:

    Heath Shuler once looked like this. It’s really no wonder he wins elections.

    First rule of politics: given an alternative, pretty always wins.

    Oh right, I forgot. I’m staying out of this.


  5. Jenny Bowen says:

    It’s interesting that you say that about Carl Mumpower –
    I’m wasn’t even considering that he would run in 2010. He stated that he was not going to campaign anymore, as per a promise to his wife. Thus the City Council race where he runs without campaigning (just a few more anti-illegal immigrant emails than normal).

    I know that the limelight of anything can be addictive, and the political stage is no different. Carl is a junkie at times – but I’m thinking he’s not going to go back on this promise, lest he put his wedding vows to the test. Time will tell though.

    Perhaps if he does not win for Council & has some more time on his hands than in the previous race, his wife would consent to another go for Congress. She might start to feel the rift that is left when one disappears from the political spot-light after such a long run on stage. You’re probably right in the assessment that Carl isn’t the type who is just going to disappear if he looses this election. Wait and see…

  6. barry says:

    “She might start to feel the rift that is left when one disappears from the political spot-light after such a long run on stage.”

    She might also feel the rift that is left when Carl suddenly starts spending a lot more time at home.

    Oh Geez, I’m sorry. Going for the cheap laugh AGAIN…

  7. Jenny Bowen says:

    Hey, at least he has a sense of humor – check the Xpress tomorrow. 😉

  8. RHS says:

    Mumpower probably sees this City Council election as a win/win for him no matter what happens. If he wins he has a platform from which he can spend another four years reminding us mere mortals how morally inferior we are to him and how aren’t measuring up to his infallible standards. If he loses he gets to play the martyr about how he lost because he always stood up for his principles and how he became a victim of the evil secular socialists.