Mumpower Compares Asheville Schoolteachers to Nazis


A local school put on a 26 minute show months ago in which they celebrate the accomplishments of America’s finest.  A clip was posted to YouTube resulting in hysterical responses from anti-Obama radicals.  City Councilman Carl Mumpower jumped into the fray, comparing schoolteachers to Nazis.

FoxCarolina reports “Jan Blunt with the Buncombe County School district said that the program included skits and music about people like George Washington, Clara Bartan and Amelia Earhart. The program also included a chant about then newly-elected President Barack Obama.

During that skit, the children talk about the importance of education and making America better. They also chant things like “change has come” and “yes we can.”

Blunt said that many of those parents, who she said gave a standing ovation at the end of the program, are now upset that their kids have been put on YouTube. She said that they feel their kids were not being indoctrinated.

“It’s unfortunate, I think, when these children, who are very patriotic and love America, want to succeed and are trying to encourage themselves to do well, are being made to be political pawn for someone else’s agenda,” Blunt said. “They did not have an agenda. The teachers didn’t have an agenda. They were celebrating an accomplishment, which is the first African-American president of our country.”

However, Asheville City Councilman Carl Mumpower, compares the chants to the programming of children in Nazi Germany.

“That event was about chanting campaign slogans,” Mumpower said. “There is a difference, a big difference. That is ritual behavior and that’s how you plug things into kids’ heads. I’ll come right out and say it. That’s exactly how the Hitler youth were programed prior to World War II.”

Blunt said that some of the parents of the students seen in the video are fearing for the safety of their children. She said that some of the teachers and parents have received hundreds of threatening e-mails and phone calls from people who call the program indoctrination.

The Citizen-Times reported “Some callers issued death threats, accusing the school of brainwashing students, schools spokeswoman Jan Blunt said.”

The public servants at a local Buncombe County school received death threats after his comments to the press.

Local parents fear for the safety of their children due to the video being posted online.

Only time will tell….


  1. Gordon Smith says:

    Asheville’s children and schoolteachers deserve our highest praise and encouragement. Instead we have a city leader insulting them and stoking the fires of violence. Carl Mumpower ought to apologize to the children, families, and school personnel for his dangerous comments and issue a statement condemning death threats against school officials.

  2. randallt says:


    The most underused word in this current climate. Thanks Gordon.

  3. Vast overreaction here on both sides. The kids chanting is immaterial, they’ve already forgotten it and moved on to more important things, like playing.

    It’s the adults — both Democrats and Republicans — who should be kept in during recess and punished for constantly running their mouths.

  4. Kristin says:


    Are we to just ignore death threats lobbed at education professionals? How many of these socialist-fearing Obama haters associate themselves with militia groups who subscribe to an ideology that encourages violent action against the government in the face of a (perceived) loss of personal liberty?

    Under Bush, these folks would have been labeled potential terrorists. But now we’re supposed to shrug our shoulders and say “meh?”

  5. david says:

    The right in america seem to have lost their minds. I’m sure it isn’t all conservative americans or even most of them, but a significant portion of the rebublican base seem to think that the rules of civilised society no longer matter to them.

    In England a genuine fascist, racist party called the BNP has unfortunatley managed to get a councillor elected and even from disgusting creature like them they know enough to not speak what they truly believe out in the open. If they did, the british press and people would turn on them like the filth truly are.

  6. Gary says:

    I suggest you go rent the DVD movie, “The Boy in Striped Pajamas.” It is one of the first movies I have seen to visually explain on the screen how the everyday German was intimidated to think correctly in their speech about their leader, just like you are intimidating Mumpower to think only correctly with you.

    Intimidation is a subtle word, my remembering something that was posted about Carl during the election vomiting on his wife, maybe actually posted on your server?

    That kind of language in Germany in the late 1920s and early 30s easily went from nasty threats to broken windows and slashed tires, as happened to the Jews who ran businesses in the early days of the Third Reich.

    You may need to walk through those camps, too quickly pointing arrogant fingers that it can’t happen here. And you may need to talk to a few surviving Jews who are still alive from those days. Their comments were stunning. They said they couldn’t believe how fast it happened . . . how a government could turn on its own people almost overnight.

    But it did.

    When other Jews left Germany early on, the Jews who stayed asked, “Why are you leaving? How can it happen in our democracy?”

    It started in Germany with a vengeance with the biased media printing lies about the Jews, cartoons making fun of their professions and facial features. Around 1937 Jewish business leaders were forced to mow lawns at the coliseum in hopes it would embarrass them, as documented by the History Channel. But it wasn’t with lawn mowers. It was with their teeth.

    Then came the camps. Then later the ovens. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. If you haven’t studied the facts . . . if you didn’t have relatives who served in WWII that walked into those camps, then you have no idea what you are talking about as if children singing is always innocent when in Germany it was the children who were convinced to turn in their parents if they mocked the Reich in private at dinner tables.

    Think about this, remembering Obama’s Civilian Work Force has yet to be placed in communities across America serving his agenda of social justice.

    Asheville is only the tip of what has already been happening, adult-Obama supporters USING children and teenagers around the country BEFORE the election, these young groups being taught to treat Obama as if a savior and not simply a candidate running for office in the U.S. Government.

    Did you so easily forgot these scenes from over a year ago?

    In one of the above songs children are taught by Obama-supporting adults to sing, “Change the world!” But many asked change the world to what from what? From freedom to servitude to the government or Obama? From home ownership to state ownership under social justice? From the right to earn a profit to turning over the reward of risk to others who do nothing?

    On this first day of October 2009, almost two years later, many still ask these same questions with Obama now in office for eight months, “Change the world to what from what?”

    These children are taught to say they are going to have freedom when they already have freedom! This is the stuff kids are taught to do in North Korea indoctrinated by the Communist Party. I hope you remember it was Obama and Michelle who just raised the Chinese Communist Flag at your White House in honor of 60 years of Chinese oppression, 1,000,000 being murdered by the Communists in 1949.

    Why did he do that? Is this the change children are being told to sing about?

    Like I said, intimidation can be a subtle thing, like those vile childish words written against Carl during the last election. But those are the kinds of words that any surviving Jew from Germany would have shuttered at reading in a free society.

    Like the New Yorkers who ran in fear when Obama’s Air Force One flew low over the city a few months back, no one warned of the event, while Obama seem to snicker at their reaction. But once you go through hell you never forget.

    I know. I lived in Northern New Jersey on September 11, 2001. If you were not there, you will NEVER understand the horror of that day, just like the Jews will tell you that you can NEVER understand what happened in Germany when somehow 6-million found their way into mass graves, the silver picked from their teeth and their skin made into lampshades.

    Be careful what you defend. It may one day come back to bite you, your freedom, and the ones you love.

  7. uptown ruler says:

    i will stand by my belief that equating the obama administration policies with the rise of the nazi-fying of america is irrational.

    and i reject that pointing out mumpower’s own words is trying to intimidate him. if he wants to throw his towel in with teh crazies, that is his right as an american – but i have to say, i never saw it coming from him. in fact, i have posted about him before, stating i felt like, despite my disagreement with him on most polictical points, having met him, i felt like he was the kind of republican my grandparents were.

    im disappointed he has decided to join the irrational mass of sore-losers that have sprung up since the election of obama.

    where were all these people when bush doubled the national debt from 5 – 9 TRILLION dollars? where were they when he increased the size of the federal government (Dept of Homeland Security)? where were they when he violated the rights of US citizens with illegal wiretappings? where were they when he started the war in Iraq?

    why all the angst about national debt now? why all the angst about health care now? if republicans were serious about socialism in america, you’d be out there trying to kill medicare, medicaid, and social security all of which are socialist welfare programs if one compares them with obama’s attempt at expanding health care coverage for your fellow americans.

  8. uptown ruler says:

    as for 9/11, i was teaching at Automotive High School in Greenpoint, Brooklyn on that fateful day.

  9. “I’m sorry if I offended anyone with that last comment. I get a little cranky “…when I forget to take my Aricept.”

    cute someone, someone falsely posting.

    but all this is exactly my point — politics in America has come to the point where each side are extremists in their own view. that’s why so many threats, insults, and simply uncivil posturing come from both sides.

  10. shadmarsh says:


    I would agree that this is the portrait that is often offered, and in many ways encouraged by most of the media. I don’t believe most people in this country, regardless of their politics, are as unhinged as they seem to be. Conflict and sensationalism are what drives viewership, viewership drives Ad revenue.

  11. barry says:

    Ralph, I’m sorry. But I cannot accept the premise that ‘each side’ is equally unhinged. The overwhelming majority of the craziness is coming from the right. No question. The violence, self-loathing and deceit is spewing from people who cannot accept that a black man is in the White House, that the Iraq war really was an unwinnable morass, and that the American dream they were sold, with cheap gas forever, luxury homeownership with no money down, and insurance companies that care about them really is a crock of shit.

    Carl Mumpower compares Asheville schoolteachers to Nazis, and you’re response is ‘both sides’ are guilty? Shame on you, and shame on him.

    I’m one of those who thought that even though you might not agree with him on issues, Carl was a charming guy, and you could just sort of laugh him off. Not any more. This is dangerous bullshit, and we have to call these people out.

  12. Joy B. says:

    Gary offers a silly charge…

    …just like you are intimidating Mumpower to think only correctly with you.

    Intimidation? Carl Mumpower is the one who continues to toss these deliberately inflammatory and intimidating words on this issue:

    Communist China.

    Objecting to such hyperbole by noting that it’s entirely uncalled for and dangerous won’t intimidate Mumpower one bit. He intends to incite threats of violence against teachers and schoolchildren right here in Asheville. This is unacceptable behavior from a city official.

    Then Gary wrote…

    …if you didn’t have relatives who served in WWII that walked into those camps, then you have no idea what you are talking about as if children singing is always innocent…

    I wonder if you have any idea how insulting that is to someone whose godparents had tattoos on their inner arms because they were IN those camps. I have two trifolds on the mantle from fathers who fought WWII, a Navy Cross from a would-be father who never came home, a brothers who earned stars, and two kids in the current wars. Impugn my family’s patriotism at serious risk of making an utter fool of yourself.

    School children have been singing patriotic songs and chanting founding documents and telling hero stories and reciting inanities to pieces of cloth in public schools since forever. For part of my schooling all the kids in my class (in a Jewish neighborhood) were forced to recite a prayer to Jesus every day too. Kids were dressing up in military-styled uniforms for after-school indoctrination too, and enjoying every minute of it. Where have the right’s objections to indoctrination been for the past 6 decades?

    FACT: the video and Mumpower’s hyperbole have led to threats of death and violence against teachers – and by proxy, their students. I have grandchildren in Asheville schools, and am absolutely appalled that a city councilman would promote threats against their safety just to get his overblown ego a FoxBot boost. Surely that ought to be grounds for immediate suspension! It’s certainly grounds for immediate replacement.

    Dangerous isn’t a strong enough word.

  13. Barry, the left says all the craziness is coming from the right, the right says the left is bonkers.

    I say both sides overreact. The standard reaction these days is — if a person does not agree with you — call them crazy, say they lie.

    It’s overreaction, it is not civil discourse, it is counterproductive.

    Time for a third party, the two so-called major ones have failed us.

    Let’s hope we can staff this third party with a kinder, gentler, more polite band of crazies, eh?

  14. barry says:

    “Gary”? I hold some hope that your long screed posted above is actually some sort of joke, but I don’t seriously believe it.

    What you’ve posted there is one of the most perverted things I’ve ever seen, and that’s saying something. Criticism of Carl for calling schoolteachers Nazis = being a Nazi myself?

    September 11th !!!!!!


    You need psychiatric help. And I’m not joking.

  15. mortise tortoise says:

    The children know nothing about Nazis! Thanks be to….

    Listen to Cat Stevens and wonder, “Where do the children play?”

    Hey hey hey hey hey?

  16. RHS says:

    For an eye opening look at the roots of the increasingly polarized politics in the country I highly recommend the book “The Big Sort: Why the Clustering of Like-Minded American is Tearing Us Apart” by Bill Bishop.

    In short, Bishop traces this polarization to our highly mobile society in which increasingly, over the past 30 years, people have been choosing to movie to communities and neighborhoods in which everyone thinks like they do. This, Bishop maintains is NOT the result of our polarized politics but the cause of it.

    Read this book and I can assure you that you will never look at the political discourse going on in this country the same way again.

  17. Joy B. says:

    RHS, I came to these mountains very much on purpose nearly 20 years ago after our son and business partner was killed by his doctors and insurance company. “Retirement” so to speak, meaning we’d do whatever we had to do to stay. Chose the “Christian side of the mountains” on purpose too, because they’re often much easier to deal with than the Hipper-Than-Thou crowd.

    We’ve long enjoyed being left pretty much to do our own thing, because all our neighbors are here doing exactly what we’re doing. We look out for each other during forest fires and blizzards and other emergencies, leave each other alone the rest of the time. We’ve been highly mobile until coming here. We like it here just fine, thanks. And not because everybody around us thinks just like we do. What a boring life that would be!

    I think once you get past the old Divide-and-Conquer tactics of the elites who are busy robbing us blind and laughing all the way to the bank, we who are mad about the situation have more in common than the Beck-ites want to admit. But all that’s just another distraction, isn’t it?

    What gets me is how easy it is for them. And a*holes like Mumpower, playing games. It’s my life, thanks. I don’t play games with it. I hope you don’t either.

  18. RHS says:

    Joy — I certainly did not mean to imply that everyone who moves to a new community does so purely out of political motivations, I was only giving a very brief summery of a book that I think makes a very relevant point. Please let me elaborate.

    In the book, Bishop makes it clear that few people move to a community based on its political/voting habits. An example he gives is Portland, Oregon. People aren’t moving there because it is a very liberal city — they move there because it has a reputation for being very bicycle friendly, has a top notch public transit system, lots of microbreweries, one of the highest numbers of book stores per capita in the US, etc. and people who tend to be attracted to those sort of things tend to be disproportionately liberal/progressive. Bishop also looks at a nearby rural and conservative county in Oregon and a similar dynamic going on in a neighborhood in Minneapolis, MN and a nearby exurban county.

    Nationally presidential elections have been close in recent years — 2000 and 2004 spring to mind — but locally they are more and more likely to be landslides. in 1976 20% of the counties in the US voted for either Jimmy Carter or Gerald Ford by 20 points or more. In 2004 50% of the counties in the US voted for either John Kerry of George Bush by 20 points or more, yet both elections were very similar in how close they were nationally. The situation is then compounded. People who live in an echo chamber are often stunned when a candidate they voted for wins or loses in a close race and thus it feeds their increasing thoughts that it is those “liberals” in California, or those “Bible thumbers” in South Carolina who are ruining the country.

    I agree with you 100% that there are those who seek to distract us from the real problems affecting us as a country and do so by pointing to those who are “different” to draw attention away from those who are indeed “robbing us blind.” As you mention this is a game the Becks and Mumpowers of the world play very well. and the book I recommended, “The Big Sort,” helps explain, at least in part, just wh yand how t has become so easy for them.