Tele-Town Hall Open Thread


Busy assembling my long-overdue armoire, I missed the conference call with Congressman Shuler.  What happened?  What does it mean?


  1. Diogenes says:

    What does it matter with shit like this going on? Obama has failed us.

    “Ryam Grim of the Huffington Post got his hands on a July 7 memo documenting the deal between PhRMA and the White House, which both are now denying but which was initially confirmed by Jim Messina, Deputy White House Chief of Staff to the New York Times. The memo was ostensibly written following the July 7 meeting at the White House between pharmaceutical industry representatives and members of the administration (who the White House refused to name).

    It says the White House agreed to oppose any congressional efforts to use the government’s leverage to bargain for lower drug prices or import drugs from Canada — and also agreed not to pursue Medicare rebates or shift some drugs from Medicare Part B to Medicare Part D, which would cost Big Pharma billions in reduced reimbursements.”


  2. barry says:

    I’m disappointed with this, too. Typical Clintonesque triangulation. Maybe they think pitting pharma against the insurance companies is clever strategy. I don’t want to give up on them yet, but if this is merely a ‘half a loaf’ compromise, and not a strategic manuever to get where we need to be, god help them.

  3. barry says:

    Noun 1. armoire – a large wardrobe or cabinet; originally used for storing weapons

    um, Gordon?

  4. Gordon Smith says:

    In this case used for storing clothes. But a couple of the suits are pretty deadly.

  5. barry says:

    Thank you folks, he’s here all week. try the veal…

  6. Anne says:

    I listened — I didn’t get a chance to ask a question.

    It was Shuler’s typical word salad of talking points.

    He focused his answers to various questions on:
    1) private insurance –with a few tweaks — is fantastic because change is uncertain and Medicare has fraud,
    2) the Blue Dogs are our saviours, rah,
    3) Medicare has waste and fraud (unlike the Dept of Defense’s $2 TRILLION dollars unaccounted for, Heath?),
    4)We need incentives for Americans to stop eating Twinkies and to get up off the couch,
    5) If Americans would just take better care of themselves and stop having accidents and getting cancer health care would be a lot less costly (on the CEO’s bottom line),
    6) the Blue Dogs are great, rah,
    7)Electronic records will save the day,
    8) Private insurance really is great and loves you– you just have to look closer, and believe their promises that they won’t shove you off the plank when you get cancer,
    9) Yes, I and the Blue Dogs took $$ from the health care industry, but that doesn’t influence us, and, the Blue Dogs are saving America, rah.

    That was about it. Anyone else want to add?

  7. barry says:

    This is why I didn’t bother calling in last night. We have a Republican congressman with fistfulls of insurance co. dollars. Are there any Democrats out there willing to save us from this poser?

  8. Kai Schwandes says:

    all i can say is: baby-steps y’all, baby-steps LMAO!!

  9. barry says:

    Where are we going here? Another Obama healthcare rally – this time over a dozen armed protesters were milling around outside, including a couple with assault rifles.

    Among other reactions to this trend, I’m reminded of the quote by Isaac Asimov: “Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent.”

  10. barry says:

    The Mad Hatters are… sorry Tim. The ‘Tea Partiers’ are inviting Heath Shuler to attend a Town Hall on healthcare, on August 22nd. They claim 168 people signed the petition.

    Funny, I didn’t realize that Asheville has three different guys named ‘Tim Peck’:

    #’s 2, 41, & 83

    Vote early & often, eh Tim?

  11. Kai Schwandes says:

    Funny, I didn’t realize that Asheville has three different guys named ‘Tim Peck’
    #’s 2, 41, & 83

    Me, myself and I makes 3 I guess 🙂