The Return of Ol’ Lumpy – Charles Taylor on WCQS


The notoriously press-wary Disgraced Former Congressman Charles Taylor was interviewed (by phone – why leave your mansion on the hill when you don’t have to?) by WCQS‘ Steve Plever, where he sounds as if the last eight and a half years never happened and quotes Ronald Reagan as if the last thirty years never happened. You can normally listen to WCQS’ local stories here, but until they fix the typo in the M3U file, click below to listen.

Interesting timing on Taylor’s part, granting an interview where he states that he hasn’t “thought about the election as a candidate” shortly after Congressman Heath Shuler emphatically denied that he was running for Senate. If this does indicate a political comeback on his part, at least bitching about Nancy Pelosi and Shuler’s voting “for the unis… to, uh… have, um, dictoral elections without… the right… the right of, a, a… ballot…” is a safe and non-controversial way to do it.

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