I-26 Schedule Update


600px-i-26svgAshvegas posted the I-26 Schedule:

Jun 2009 Concurrence point meeting to solidify Alternate 4B as a viable alternate and to bring it up to the same level of review as the other alternates.

Aug 2009 The supplemental draft environmental impact statement including Alternate 4B should be completed and released for public review and comment.

Sep 2009 The corridor public hearing meeting should be held to discuss the supplemental draft environmental impact statement.

Oct 2009 The post public hearing meeting should be held.

Dec 2009 Concurrence point meetings to select the preferred alternate and to optimize the design and benefits of the project while reducing the environmental impacts should be held.

Oct 2010 The record of decision (ROD) and the design public hearing should occur.

FY 2011 Right-of-way acquisition should begin.

FY 2013 Construction should begin.

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  1. A friend in Montford asked my opinion of the I-26 options this morning and I decided to post my response on my campaign blog.