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The N.C. Court of Appeals overturned Buncombe County’s countywide zoning, finding the commissioners failed to follow the correct procedures for the public hearing on the ordinance.

County commissioners will meet Tuesday in a special meeting to consider whether to appeal to the state Supreme Court, according to assistant county attorney Michael Frue.

The three-judge panel heard the case in August, deciding whether to uphold Superior Court Judge James Downs’ decision to dismiss the lawsuit filed by attorney and zoning critic Albert Sneed on behalf of Buncombe property owners Thrash Limited Partnership and Lott Partnership II.

Sneed was out of town today and could not be reached for comment.

In a decision filed Tuesday, the court criticized the “headlong rush” to adopt an amendment expanding zoning across Buncombe County.

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  1. Low Key says:

    Jay-sus, the County Commission botched every step of this process.

    I’m sure the mouth-breathers are going to think this is a huge victory for property rights.

  2. Tim Peck says:

    This is a huge victory for open, transparent democratic government. And, yes, property rights.

  3. ObamaTJ says:

    Well, hopefully the current Commission can properly enact zoning to protect our envirnoment. I have faith that the current board will be successful in doing what is right for this and future generations.

  4. Ralph Roberts says:

    You have the wrong office, this is the Department of Mighty Fine News — the Department of Very Bad News is over at the County Commissioners chambers.

  5. Jenny Bowen says:

    What hasn’t the county botched in the past 80 years?

    Sorry, I know that is snide, but I’m reading up on AVL/BC history and when have the two entities ever agreed or worked together?

    I’ve got some hope about bridging in the name of Holly Jones, but I can’t put all of my good faith in one righteous babe while a slew of consistently poor decisions get passed again and again under the tenure of many of those still present on the Commission.

  6. I’d chalk this one up to the county’s legal counsel.

  7. ObamaTJ says:

    I am not ready to blame everything on the lawyers quite yet. Speaking of City Council missing a righteous babe, Jenny, We need you to fill that role. How about a dream threesome with you, Cecil and Gordon!!!