Parkside: I Remain Agog


Asheville City Council last night unanimously voted to table Stewart Coleman’s request for a road in Pack Square. The road would service his proposed Parkside building, which has been roundly opposed from every corner of the community and has been shot down by a circuit court. Mr. Coleman’s appeal is expected to be heard this summer. In response to Council’s decision, Mr. Coleman continued with his famous public relations tactics.

If the road can’t be built, Coleman said he would widen Marjorie Street to the south of the property and push the building farther north and in front of iconic City Hall.

“I think it affects the view corridor in … ways we have tried to avoid,” he said.

Stewart Coleman remains willing to build a condominium high rise on our public parkland in front of our City Hall? After all of this?

There are no words.


  1. pseudonymous in nc says:

    Time for some eminent domain to build a public skate park in Stuart Coleman’s garden.

  2. Doug Gibson says:

    I think he’s gunning for a National Endowment for the Arts grant.

    If Andres Serrano got one, why not Stewart Coleman?

    And if art doesn’t force us to confront the inexpressible, what is it good for?

  3. Tom Sullivan says:

    How about plutocrat?

  4. Tim Peck says:

    What did Asheville do to deserve this guy?

  5. Arratik says:

    Doug’s comment is the winner of the “Let’s Make arratik Spit Iced Tea All Over The Dining Room Table” award. I needed that.

  6. Don Talley says:

    pseudonymous in nc writes:
    “Time for some eminent domain to build a public skate park in Stuart Coleman’s garden.”

    Great idea !!!!!

    I keep getting visions of Coleman being like Cavlin (of Calvin and Hobbes) where he’s playing in a sandbox and envisioning himself being a giant dinosaur which is destroying New York City.

    Maybe there’s a way we can entice Coleman to go down to Greenville SC or somewhere and build his private sandbox down there.

  7. ObamaTJ says:

    Attention City Council: The time for eminent domain is NOW!

    It is obvious this is the only way to stop this “person”. This man is really testing my willpower and commitment not to say anything negative about another of our fellow creatures on this planet.

  8. I ran a poll on my site. 82 percent of respondents favored the city asserting eminent domain if the county refuses to do so.

    Interestingly, the law requires that a government pay the market value of a property. Now, in the throes of a serious real estate slump, would be the ideal time for council to do so.

  9. Doug Gibson says:

    I’m still in favor of the Coleman tax.

    All the more so because I think by charging developers to pay off one of their own, we could be the first county in the state to pass a transfer tax.

  10. Matt Howard says:

    Seriously, in the current economic climate, what will it take to break this guy’s bank? I wonder if his obstinance over parkside is part desperation because he cant afford to loose what he’s already invested.