Tuesday Open Thread: Council Stuff


I’ve done a ton of writing lately that isn’t quite ready for prime time.  Know that it’s coming.  Until then, here are some fun links to get you started on your Open Thread:

Kelly Miller to raise only $3k for his City Council run?

Brother Christopher said last night at Faces of Asheville that he’s running for Mayor.

Carl Mumpower, at Faces of Asheville, responded to a heckler who yelled, “Legalize Marijuana!”.  The Council member said, “You won’t get much argument from me on that.”  No word on whether Dr. Mumpower is running for re-election.

Robin Cape is working on a fantastic sounding sustainability pilot project called Reading, Riding, and Retrofit.  She was also at FoA last night.


  1. Tim Peck says:

    “Mayor Bellamy will be traveling to Washington, DC, on Thursday, February 19 to meet with President Barack Obama. This meeting has been arranged through the U.S. Conference of Mayors and will focus on the implementation of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. For more information, please contact Jessica Dunlap at 259-5600.”

  2. Jenny Bowen says:

    Gordo –

    That link on Kelly Miller’s PDF is double linked = broken.
    I would love to see more candidates taking an approach to campaign finance reform.

    Brother Christopher & Terry Bellamy both stood up when asked who was running for mayor. I almost wish there was an option C.

    I’d like to announce The ABC’s of Asheville series, designed to
    Assemble Ideas
    Build our Future
    Connect Communities


    A series of 33 programs designed to connect people and create movements, addressing nearly every issue, opportunity, and challenge facing our city.

    It’s been rumored I am running for a position –
    As always, I am going to accomplish my first goal of finishing the FOA project before I formally decide to go head-on full speed into another project. Regardless, the ABC’s of Asheville program will accomplish good work and get people connected in meaningful ways.

    In personal news – I am going to be taking the Citizen’s Police Academy this Spring. It’s 11 weeks of learning the in’s & out’s of the APD. I am hoping it proves to be very informative, and even inspiring on a level.

  3. ObamaTJ says:

    My tattoo would like to announce his candidancy for city council!! He will not be raising any money for his run. Take that Miller!
    Obamatatoo also supports Mumpower’s initiative to legalize pot!

    Did that say that Kelly Miller’s brother said he is running for mayor too?

  4. ash says:

    Watch the 1-minute clip of Mumpower here:


  5. Gordon Smith says:

    Thanks, Ash! That’s one magic moment.

  6. Note that the declaration to stay below $3,000 eliminates certain filing requirements and can be changed at any time.

    From my experience in the primary last spring, I would say you can zip through $3,000 in about two blinks, even if you run a frugal campaign.

    Then again, if you have the support of Political Action Committees who do your heavy lifting, perhaps you can run a credible campaign for less than $3,000.

    Bill Russell, who spent somewhere between $52,000 and $65,000 two years ago, told me that he raised very little money himself and that other people just stepped in and collected the cash.

  7. Doug Gibson says:

    I’ll add to Cecil’s post that a repeated MO for local conservative politicos is to form a PAC at the last minute, collect and spend a heap of money over a week or two close to an election, and then fold. Sometimes the first time they have to file any real reports is after the election they’re seeking to influence.

  8. Jenny Bowen says:

    In the video from Monday night, Can anyone make out Carl’s last words mumbles under the cheers?