Election Grab Bag


Election day is five weeks from today.

Kay Hagan is coming to town this weekend. Leading in the polls and loving her some Asheville, she’s rolling in to encourage folks to come out to canvass on Saturday. From the BCDP:

“[Kay Hagan] will be at Democratic Headquarters at 11:30 AM to kick off the Saturday Canvass. We would love to have a large group of volunteers to greet Kay. Volunteers should gather at 11:00 AM. Of course, everyone is welcome to canvass; however, if you cannot canvass, come anyway to meet and greet our next U.S. Senator. Call Valerie at 828-817-3856 for more information.”

Before she canvasses, Hagan will be at a fundraising breakfast. Wanna go? Contact Elana McKenzie or 253-4921. After she canvasses, Hagan will be at the Vance Aycock Big Annual Fundraising Dinner. Wanna go? Contact Buncombe County Chair Kathy Sinclair at

Early voting starts on Thursday October 16 and lasts through Saturday November 1. Any unregistered voter can register and vote on the same day during this time. For a list of Early Voting sites, including times and locations, visit HERE. Biltmore Square Mall and Innsbrook Mall are open until 9:00 PM on Saturday, October 18.

Here’s a fun Board of Elections tool – Check Your Own Voter Registration. You can also find your voting location and voting history (for the last two years or so) here. You can also find out about your friends, neighbors and coworkers. Fun times. On your info page, there’s also a button to see a sample ballot.

The four Republican candidates for County Commission were on Matt Mittan’s Take A Stand yesterday at 570 AM. Here’s the link to the podcast for Hour One, and here’s Hour Two. I didn’t catch much of the broadcast, but what I heard sounded like Don Yelton beating the drum and the other three lining up behind him. Mittan did an admirable job of trying to keep Don on topic and keep him from rambling on for too long.

Word is that Drinking Liberally will have the Vice-Presidential Debate up on the big screen at Asheville Brewing Company on Thursday night.


  1. Jen Mueller says:

    Thought you might be interested in a little analysis released this morning by Environment North Carolina on Shuler’s record on energy issues. release, report

  2. Low Key says:

    I am sooooooooo looking forward to watching Biden make Palin cry on national television.

  3. Arratik says:

    This is the first time I can actually think of where people are actually looking forward to Joe Biden talking.