Friday Open Thread: Turning Time Into Taffy


What with this ridiculous limitation on the number of hours in a day, it sometimes seems impossible to keep it all straight, get it all done, and through it all smile.  I’ve stayed up too late catching Olympic women’s gymnastics, and today is another jam-packed whorl.  I’m picking up keys for the new business location and working with insurance companies to turn me from a group member into an individual.  There’s strategies to be strategized re: stuff and whatnot.

John Carroll, a Republican real estate guy running for County Commission, has been taking up a good deal of my research attention.  He’s got a lot of smooth campaign stuff up on the web, but know that whenever you hear him talking about transparency he was one of the guys pushing the hardest for the Woodfin Diesel Power Plant despite two years of secret meetings between the County and Progress Energy.  More on him later.

All things Parkside seem to be at a standstill until the Pack lawsuit is heard on the 25th.  Sunday, however, is the day of the big non-violent protest training at the Magnolia at 3pm.  The turnout for the last training was big, and this training promises more numbers and more tactics.

What do y’all know?  What is happening in your lives?

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  1. Tim Peck says:

    Saw “Brideshead Revisited” yesterday. Hated it (just like Ken Hanke said I would). Stink, stink, stink. Yes, I am a huge fan of the 11-part miniseries and the novel (Could you guess, from the title of my weblog?)

    Good News: David Grier plays the Grey Eagle Sunday.

  2. 2 things caught my eyes this morning

    1. George W. Bush Sewage Plant Initiative Makes It On the Ballot as Prop. R

    and 2. Hillary Clinton’s name to be placed in nomination at convention,0,796850.story

    now I hope Prop. R will pass and set an example of what else we might want to name after the greatest President of all times 🙂

    but someone explain to me how a roll-call will unify the Dems.? Isn’t it more likely it will reiterate the clear split in the party – or can it be the Clinton’s will be able to pull something unexpected out of the proverbial hat?

  3. Gordon Smith says:

    I’m glad about the roll call vote. Those Clinton delegates want to make their preference known. That’s cool. Then as long as they work their asses off for Obama, I don’t give a damn what happened at the convention.

    The media will gaily report a schism, but to me that’s what democracy looks like. What’s hilarious is that droves of Republicans aren’t even going to their own convention, our own Liddy Dole included, because their brand is worse than Leaded Paint.

  4. Gordon Smith says:

    You may have read about the region’s water troubles in today’s AC-T:

    “When the largest employer in Haywood County may have to shut down because there’s no longer enough water in the Pigeon River for it to operate, the severity of the drought in Western North Carolina can’t be overstated.

    After nearly depleting Lake Logan, its backup water source, Blue Ridge Paper, which employs about 1,300 people, may face a temporary shutdown because of low stream flow in the Pigeon River.”

    You may not have heard what The CIBO had to say about water in 2004:

    “That such a plan [“seasonal operation” of some water sources] would even be considered highlights the excess water capacity that Asheville now enjoys — a rarity among North Carolina cities. To CIBO, this surplus means the Authority should both disband its water-conservation program (since the agency now needs to sell rather than conserve water) and keep its rates low (to attract major water users that would tap that capacity while bringing in well-paying industrial jobs).”

    Short-sighted and misguided. Now that I’m researching John Carroll, former head of The Cibo, I’m finding that they’ve been wrong about almost everything. Looking forward to a series about Mr. Carroll and The Cibo.

  5. Gordon Smith says:

    So Heath Shuler traded 145 feet of lake frontage for 150 feet of lake frontage through the TVA. Shuler sits on the Authority’s governing committee in Congress. Folks are reflexively turning this into a “Shuler’s Corrupt Too!!!!11! MOFG!” story due to the conditioning wrought under Charles Taylor, but I don’t know what to think of it.

    What do y’all think?

  6. Arratik says:

    What do y’all think?

    Whoopee shit.

  7. Jenny Bowen says:

    Got this in a forwarded email this AM – feel free to pass it on –

    Feds Invade Buncombe County
    57 Members of OUR Community to Be Deported

    On Tuesday, August 12, 2008, agents from Immigration and Customs Enforcement raided Mills Manufacturing Corp, a parachute manufacturing plant in Woodfin. They arrested 57 residents of Buncombe County on charges pertaining to their legal status as residents. These people, most of whom have already been bussed to Charlotte or Atlanta, are facing imminent deportation, causing loss of providers for their households, separation of children and parents, shattered families, and loss of hard-working, contributing members of our community.

    We, the concerned and outraged people of the greater Asheville community, feel it essential to dispel some of the vicious and pervasive myths about the role immigrants play in our society.

    Myths and Realities of Immigration

    MYTH: Immigrants take jobs and opportunity away from Americans
    REALITY: A recent national study found that in the last 15 years immigration did not hurt job opportunities for Americans. Most immigrant workers are concentrated in industries that are typically the most dangerous and lowest paying jobs. In NC, Duke University found “that since the mid-1990s, industrial sectors have been flagging largely because of…free trade measures passed by the US. Because of a combination of plant closings, cost-cutting, consolidation…, North Carolina lost 100,000 jobs in the textile industry and 70,000 more in the apparel industry.”

    MYTH: Immigrants are breaking the law
    REALITY: Entering the US without documents is a civil offense. Labeling immigrants as lawbreakers penalizes the individual rather than recognizing the larger economic and political forces at play. Each year, only 10,000 visas are available to low-skilled immigrant workers, while the market hires 450,000 low- skilled immigrant workers a year. Corporate and even local businesses benefit from this ready flow of undocumented, low-wage workers.

    MYTH: Immigrants don’t pay taxes
    REALITY: Immigrants pay taxes in the form of income, property, and sales taxes at the federal and state level. They pay the same real estate taxes and sales taxes as everyone else. The Social Security Administration has estimated that undocumented immigrants contribute $6-7 billion in SS funds that they will never be able to claim. In the Asheville area they spent $214.5 million in 2004, thus creating 2300 jobs.

    MYTH: Immigrants come here to take welfare
    REALITY: Immigrants come here to work and reunite with family members. Undocumented immigrants are ineligible for welfare, food stamps, Medicaid, and most other public benefits. One study found that immigrants earn about $240 billion a year, pay $90 billion in taxes, and use about $5 billion in community services.

    MYTH: Immigrants don’t want to learn English
    REALITY: The NC Community College System reported an enrollment of over 37,000 adult students in English as a Second Language courses in 2003, not including church and community classes. Research shows that within 10 years, 75% of adult immigrants will speak English well. Nationwide, demand for English classes exceeds the supply, while key adult education funding continues to be cut.

    Information taken from: Justice for Immigrants—Learn the Issues, The Washington Post/Pew Study on Immigration, Duke University Markets & Management Studies Program & Center for Participatory Change

    We will not tolerate such inhuman treatment of our neighborhood sisters and brothers. Come in solidarity to protest this injustice!

    We are meeting for a rally at Vance Monument this Saturday, August 16 from 5-7 PM.

  8. bobaloo says:

    What do y’all think?

    From this:

    And take special note of this:

    Shuler was elected to Congress in November 2006 and, according to documents provided by the development group, efforts to obtain the access rights for Blackberry Cove predate his election by more than a year.

    Whoopee shit.

    Is that your professional opinion?

  9. Jenny Bowen says:

    What am I up to this weekend?

    *Buying a newer-used car {hopefully}.
    *Still relocating {I think – that changes daily it seems} – so packing & cleaning are a must.
    *Maybe going to the Immigration Rally on Sat.
    *Maybe going to the Masonic Temple downtown for their 160th anniversary. They are open to the public on Sat & I’ve always wanted to see the inside of that building.
    *My sister’s birthday is this weekend so I’m sure some sort of festivity with her.
    *Finish designing a website for work.
    *Going to the Parkside tree meeting on Sunday.
    *And going home to spend some time with my family… we just got some bad news concerning the health of my mother so some quality time is needed.

    Yes Gordon – there is too little time in the day to manage it all plus keep a smile on.
    But that smile is the most important factor –
    If you ain’t smilin’ – what’s the point?

  10. randallt says:

    Heading down to Downtown after five as soon as I eat (now) and probably juggle at my corner in front of the noodle shop. If you see me, say hi.

  11. bobaloo says:

    In extension to the Corsi post the other day, here’s some more repugnant aspects of his beliefs: He’s a Truther:

  12. Gordon Smith says:

    Thanks, Bob. It’s heartening to see the conservatives run from his smear campaign.

    And, TP, I couldn’t tell you. Admin is a sovereign being.

  13. Arratik says:

    Jenga + Donkey Kong = teh awesome.