Joe Dunn Drops Out Of County Commission Race


Tim Peck says it’s so, and he hasn’t ever steered us wrong. First Hooligan to find a second source wins a free one year subscription to Scrutiny Hooligans.

UPDATE: And the winner of the free subscription is the talented and stylish Jenny Bowen! See the comments for the statement from Dr. No.

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  1. Jenny Bowen says:


    Here you go, direct from the horse:

    Statement by Joe Dunn:

    As many of you may know, I have been struggling with a decision to stay an active candidate for a position on the Buncombe County Commission. Indecision is a crippling load for your mind and heart to carry. I have been torn between family and service to my community. I have four wonderful grandchildren and a family that has always been supportive in the past. I no longer feel I should live my life and place my political future ahead of my family. Serving four years on Asheville City Council was an honor, but not without stress and worry about where this city is headed.The Buncombe County Commission is now taking on the same potential look as the current “progressive” city council. Voters had better wake up before it is too late. City and County politics should not be about who is a Democrat or Republican. The leadership should be decided by voters who are informed and who is the most qualified to look after the taxpayer’s best interests. I don’t see that happening. That being said, I feel the best interests for myself is to place my family above everything else. Both my children do not want me to run and my wife is very concerned as well. She has seen my mood change already as the campaign is not far away from swinging into action. Those of you within my inner circle of friends have seen my frustration growing day to day. I have never been afraid to take a stand on conservative issues. My greatest frustration is with local politicians in the city and county that place power and turf over the real needs of hardworking taxpayers. I feel it is time for some other people to fight the good fight. Politics and holding on to public office are not what motivated me to run for council or for mayor. I think my past votes on many issues came in a loosing cause, but I never compromised my core beliefs. Unfortunately, most local, state, and federal politicians are making holding on to office a career and being reelected is all they really care about. Therefore, I am now dropping out of the race for County Commissioner. Those folks who have given me money will have it returned. Anyone who has given me cash needs to contact me as I plan to pay all of you back. I made the mistake of listening to others who asked me to run when deep inside my heart I did not have that burning desire to do so. I thought I could overcome that feeling, but I just could not. For that I am sorry. It would not be fair to my party nor my supporters to run a half-hearted campaign. I have decided to let all of you know at the same time as to not offend any one person. This is not an easy decision, but it is the right thing for me to do in this period of my life. I want to thank all of those folks who are supporters and I hope to see more of you in the future.

    Good luck and God bless.


    Joe Dunn


  2. My greatest frustration is with local politicians in the city and county that place power and turf over the real needs of hardworking taxpayers.

    In Buncombe? I am shocked, shocked.

    Then there are national politicians, speaking of power

    To borrow from Robert Greenwald, pssst.. Change Something!

  3. Gordon Smith says:

    I made the mistake of listening to others who asked me to run when deep inside my heart I did not have that burning desire to do so. I thought I could overcome that feeling, but I just could not. For that I am sorry. It would not be fair to my party nor my supporters to run a half-hearted campaign.

    No it wouldn’t Joe. Good for you for following your conscience.

    So now we’ve got three Republicans – John Carroll, Ron McKee, and Don Yelton
    Two Democrats – Holly Jones and K. Ray Bailey
    and whatever y’all consider these two – Carol Peterson and Bill Stanley

    Considering that Ron McKee has already run a half-hearted campaign, things don’t look hot for him. Don Yelton’s “Want Someone Different” slogan, while honest, isn’t likely to win him much crossover vote. So it’s up to John Carroll of the Mighty Moneybags to represent the R’s.

    Holly Jones and K. Ray look very strong in support and fundraising. Hell, Holly Jones got more votes than Barack Obama in Buncombe County.

    That leaves one seat and two candidates – Peterson and Stanley will likely be fighting it out for that last spot. The way Republicans love Stanley, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to find him still standing when the dust settles. Carol’s husband Bruce is retiring as Heath Shuler’s district director, and a loss would allow them to sunset together without having to worry about all those meetings and constituents and such. Alternately, a Peterson win would allow Bill Stanley to… er… um… move his Shriner’s meetings to Tuesdays.

  4. RHS says:

    Could the Republican party field a replacement for Dunn?

    In any case, under Gordon’s scenario I would have to hold my nose and vote for Carol Peterson. If either she or BIll Stanley will be returning I’d rather it not be Stanely.

    Can anyone suggest a good brand of clothespin?

  5. Gordon Smith says:

    Good point, RHS.

    I suppose the County Party will insert someone into that candidacy.

    Who came in fifth? Steve Bledsoe? And then there’s Mike Fryar, who brought up the rear.

    Fryar’s the better candidate of the two, but the GOP bosses could nominate anyone they want.

  6. Low Key says:

    Tim’s Libertarian ideology annoys the hell out of me – but he’s a good source.

  7. Arratik says:

    Reminder – voters can select up to four candidates for Buncombe County Commissioner in the general election.

    Since I refuse to vote for either Peterson or Stanley under any circumstances, it looks like a great deal of thought will have to go into this, and I might be hitting RHS up for one of his clothespins come November 4th. (Whichever brand you get, I’d recommend the wooden ones. Getting a splinter is far less painful than being poked with a sharp plastic burr that wasn’t removed post-desprueing)

  8. Low Key says:


    Holly Jones is definitely on my list. After that, I’ll support whoever speaks strongest against the Parkside development.

    It’s possible I’ll also vote Don Yelton “For the Lulz.”



  9. Bryan Freeborn says:

    This is too bad. I was hoping for some great political theater. I think that republican candidates across the state are having a hard time with support. Maybe Dr. Dunn will be back on council for a short one year term to fill Holly’s seat.

  10. Tim Peck says:

    Citizen-Times report.

    First reported at Scrutiny Hooligans in another thread.

  11. Doug Gibson says:

    My guess is that the county party can appoint someone to fill the slot on the ballot that is now vacant.

    Am I just paranoid, or are we headed for this scenario:

    1) Carl Mumpower’s campaign collapses.
    2) Joe Dunn withdraws from commission race.
    3) Carl withdraws from congressional race for good.
    4) The county party, at Dunn’s insistence, names Mumpower as the replacement candidate.

    Did they cook this up while on city council?

  12. RHS586 says:

    Yelton’s ties to the Carolina Stompers rule him out.

    Carroll’s ties to CIBO make any statements he might make against Parkside too suspect to trust. Likewise McKee, and the same went for Dunn while he was running.

    Stanley’s behavior during this whole process rule him out as well. So you see the field is getting narrowed pretty rapidly.

    Petersons’s behavior during the process has been somewhat (key word) less odious and her vote for zoning did take some guts. If (another key word) I end up voting for her it will be largely in an effort to defeat Stanley.

    Quick folks — invest what you’ve got in clothespin futures.

  13. Clarence Young says:

    GS 47893 makes it very plain that Democrats can replace vacancies on a ballot but that other parties cannot unless they have won three prior gubernatorial terms.

  14. Gordon Smith says:

    Richard Bernier says that Dunn’s name will remain on the ballot.

  15. Bryan Freeborn says:

    Notice that his 2nd quarter report showed $966.71 cash on hand with less than $1,500 raised in this election. No money, low turn out in the primary for republicans, and Mumpower eroding any sort of Republican synergy it is hard to see why one would want to be a candidate with and R next to their name come November.

    It is just too bad that he would wait until after the primary to drop out. Even id he thought he had no chance of winning he could have still stayed in to influence the debate.

  16. Gordon Smith says:

    “Dunn’s absence would leave a serious gap on the GOP ticket, county Republicans said. State law says party officials can replace a candidate who withdraws by Aug. 22. Candidates who did not make the cut in the May 6 primary, such as retired Asheville engineer Steve Bledsoe, could be in the running, said Buncombe GOP Secretary George Keller.”