Drinking Liberally: Nothing To See Here


While you’re anxiously waiting for the Starbucks to open on the ground floor of the Parkside Condo Highrise, come bite your fingernails with a gaggle of liberals down at the Asheville Brewing Company. In this brave, new Asheville where condo developers can scheme with City and County staff to buy our public park land and turn it into luxurious living for the millionaires among us, it’s vital that we plebians behave as though nothing is wrong.

We can ignore Maj. Gen. Taguba leveling war crimes charges against George W. Bush and KBR telling our military to suck on it in Iraq. We can ignore the occupation of Iraq altogether while pretending that the do-nothing Democrats in Congress have already held the Bush administration to account. Global warming? Fuggedaboutit. Gas prices? F5 that shit. A massive wave of foreclosures, ballooning national debt, the plunging value of the dollar? Who has the time?

Come whistle while Rome burns tonight at the Asheville Brewing Company, 77 Coxe Ave., Downtown Asheville. Drinking Liberally, that left-leaning cabal of well-educated, well-heeled, well-bourbon political love children comes together for another Thursday night praising the light and cursing the darkness. We’ll start at 7ish and go until the goings gone. Everyone’s welcome. The only cost is your tab.


  1. Gordon Smith says:

    Big fun tonight! It was great to meet all you Obama organizers.

    (for those who decided not to come – the Obama campaign has paid people on the ground here now, and they’re seeking volunteers as well as planning some houseparties. Come out to DL next week to meet them.)

    The newlyweds, Lindsey and Laura, were in attendance, fresh from their honeymoon.

    Rev. Tron and funk-o-meter were also there along with MyGothLaundry, Susan, Petulant (!), Dionysis, Barayray, and about twenty others.

    Big fun!