Hot Carl in Freefall


Carl Mumpower is going to play even worse with the Republican base than I could have imagined. The dead-enders who still think George W. Bush is doing a good job are not going to forgive Carl for calling for the President’s impeachment. Carl’s trying to get to Shuler’s right on immigration, but the only thing to the right of Shuler on this issue is a steep political cliff that Mumpower’s driven over.

He can play the maverick, but mavericks attract followings and get things done. Hot Carl is more of a bothersome iconoclast, his years of oppositional behavior on City Council standing as a monument to generating theater more often than results.


  1. Tom Buckner says:

    The more iconoclastic Carl gets, the bettter I like him. Is that so wrong?

  2. Low Key says:

    Mumpower is going to do much better than you expect. Ask the average voter what Shuler’s views on immigration are, and you’ll get blank stares. That isn’t a problem for the Army of Mumps – since his stance got covered on every media outlet in WNC.

    As an added bonus, Mumpower has succeeded in framing himself as the “accountability” candidate.

    On election day, the average voter will remember two things:

    1) Mumpower wanted to impeach Bush. (They will assume it was for Iraq.)
    2) Mumpower will stop those Mexicans from taking over America and forcing their daughters to wear sombreros.

  3. Gordon Smith says:

    Shuler’s SAVE Act has been a massive hit with the anti-immigration majority in WNC. He’s been lauded in every newspaper opinion page for it, and by the time election day rolls around everyone will know that he’s the only Congressman to make a real go at immigation reform. He’s been on the front page of right-wing blogs all over and any of the ALIPAC appeals in the last six months. This guy has gotten big right-wing exposure for his immigration stance.

    Lowkey – let’s do an experiment today (thought it’ll be of very limited significance since neither of us lives outside the city). Let’s ask a few people what they know about Shuler and immigration. You down?

  4. Low Key says:

    Gordon: I’m down.

    I’ll ask around my office and perhaps some strangers during my lunch break.

  5. RHS586 says:

    Mumpower is criticizing our president during war time. Why doe she hate America so much?

  6. shadmarsh says:

    I think Shuler is currently serving a tour of duty with the Minutemen.

  7. Gordon Smith says:

    Shuler will be getting credit for this, too –

    “An instant screening in a Department of Homeland Security database would follow every job interview in North Carolina if a proposal by state legislators becomes law, with violators losing their business licenses.

    The bill in Raleigh follows U.S. Rep. Heath Shuler’s lead in Washington. A key ingredient of the Waynesville Democrat’s immigration plan is a mandate for employers to use the E-Verify program.

    Conversations with Shuler’s office led Rep. Charles Thomas, R-Buncombe, and Sen. John Snow, D-Cherokee, to pitch the same idea in the General Assembly.”


  8. Gordon Smith says:


    Shad was making a joke.

  9. Low Key says:


    4 coworkers. All women. One is fairly conservative, the other three are best described as main-stream dems.

    None of them could say what Shuler’s stand on immigration was, per se. One mentioned that she knew Shuler has done something about it, but couldn’t recall what, exactly.

    All of them knew about teh Mumps calls for impeachment over the issue of immigration.

    At about 2pm I took a walk and talked to three other people near Prichard Park. None of them knew who Shuler was, but two knew what Mumpy’s immigration stance was.

    One said it was great that Mumpower was calling for Bush’s impeachment over the Iraqi mess.

    Obviously, my sample is hardly scientific … but it does not bode well for Shuler. Bottom line: It’s sexier to talk about impeachment and accountability than SAVE.

  10. Gordon Smith says:

    Carl invited Space Mountain Productions to try to explain how he doesn’t really want to impeach Bush. He talks about his courage and principles and attacks Republicans who defend the President.

    He “regrets the turmoil.”


  11. Gordon Smith says:

    Fascinating anecdotes, Lowkey. I didn’t run across anyone to ask.

    I saw Carl Mumpower’s “regret the turmoil” video over at the YouTube:


  12. Gordon Smith says:

    HT-N has a fun article which includes a familiar online pundit

  13. Bryan Freeborn says:

    The more I read about my good friend Dr. Mumpower, the more I think he has a chance. I would like to see some polls, but I predict that he has better name recognition than my candidate Shuler. Mumpower is a winner and effective. In the two years I served with him he managed to get 90% of what he wanted through while still voting against it. That is pretty good. He managed to bet out a better funded party line republican in the primary. Mumpower’s approach is smart. He is telling us what most of us feel. The system is corrupt. Obama is saying it. Edwards said it. And I agree with it. He will be able to hammer Shuler every time he takes a dime from anyone other than an individual, and will get press when ever he opens his mouth. He is an unrelenting debater and actually knows what he is talking about most of the time. Shuler is a lot more likable in person and has become a much better speaker than the first time i saw him 3 years ago. However, one on one, Mumpower will have the edge.

    I think that the further he gets away from republican leadership the better his appeal to independent voters. Most republican voters are dissatisfied with their party leadership. Mumpower represents what the average republican voter’s idea of a classic republican profile.

    It will all come down to how WNC falls in the presidential race. If it goes for McCain, Mumpower wins big. If it falls for Obama, Mumpower still has a chance. Shuler will stay as far from Obama has he can and therefor will get little money from the DNC. Most insiders will think that Shuler has it in the bag and will pat him on the shoulder instead of giving money, until it is too late to make a difference. Or all of the big money will be spoken for by the upticket races, like Gov, Lt. Gov, Senate seat, and Presidential.

    Just a few thoughts.

  14. liberty forever says:

    The good Dr. continues to impress with his low key, but hard nosed, approach. He has drawn media attention with little money and seems to have a good grasp of the issue. Thank you Gordon Smith for oiling the Mumpower publicity machine.