Senate: Liddy fires the first shot!


I saw this during Jeopardy! last night. It’s ostensibly about illegal immigration, but I guess it ultimately serves as proof that Watergate Hotel resident Elizabeth Dole was actually in North Carolina long enough to shoot this ad:

You know that last scene on the beach? I almost expected to see the wind blowing her hair to the left… then the wind blowing her hair to the right… then the wind blowing her hair into the ocean.


  1. Gordon Smith says:

    That’s called having a lot of money and being very weak in the polls. She’s scared.

  2. David Lynch says:

    You won’t catch Dole coming any further north than Hendersonville in this end of the state, though! Her predecessor, Edwards, had a field office in Asheville. When Dole was elected, she promptly moved her office outside the self-realization belt.

    The location footage of Dole was probably shot in Romania, just like the movie Cold Mountain. 😉

  3. shadmarsh says:

    I would like to know what happened to her old face. Is it tacked up over Bob Dole’s bed like a pelt? Or did she lose it in a poker game with Satan?

  4. RHS says:

    When you see Elizabeth Dole actually in North Carolina you KNOW she’s in trouble. Kay Hagan has gotten a nice poll bump after her primary win and even right wing blowhard Bob Novak (aka Squealy McTraitor Pants, if your a Stephanie Miller listener) says that what once looked like a cake walk for Liddy is now a race. Campaign ads in May are proof of this. If the poll bump can help Hagan with her fundraising and, as expected, Obama galvanizins the African American vote NC could well find us with a new Senator. All of this follows her disastrous stint as chair of the Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee in 2006 in which she utterly flopped in candidate recruitment and saw the Republicans lose control of the Senate. Maybe she is hoping this ad will make North Carolinians forget that she spent two years issuing press releases regarding Senate races in Montana, Missouri, Virginia, etc. rather than doing much of anything for North Carolina.

    And oh yeah — I’m sorry, but wouldn’t you think that she could manage to find a better plastic surgeon? Yikes!

  5. Arratik says:

    David – IIRC, Richard Burr took over Edwards’ Senate seat. Dole succeeded Jesse Helms… which is part of the reason why I was reeeeeeally pulling for Jim Neal in the primary. The thought of the very possibility of an openly gay man occupying the same seat must have given that twisted old cracker the vapors.

    Back to Liddy, though… maybe someone ground up Bob’s little blue pills and put them in her Botox syringes?

  6. That’s the most I’ve seen of her since she was elected.

  7. rip says:

    That blouse is just a little too sheer…