McHenry caught cavorting with . . . friends



[Here’s BlogActive’s Mike Rogers’ take on the story.]

Jackie Sullens writes the newsletter for the Gaston County Republican Women, according to their website. And she openly lives with another woman.

And, gee look . . . here she is having a gay old time with the now-rabidly homophobic future Congressman Pat McHenry.

I let you decide if Pat McHenry is as anti-gay as he pretends to be in the “Sanctity of Marriage” section of his website:

“Marriage, family and community are not just catch phrases; they are the backbone of American society. Sadly, however, there is an organized effort by the radical left and their allies in Hollywood and academia to destroy our traditional American culture.

America is an inclusive nation and we respect other cultures and traditions, but we must defend what is sacred in our country from the reckless actions of a dangerous few who seek to impose their radical view on all of society.”


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  1. shadmarsh says:

    fyi the Blogactive link is broken. feel free to delete this post.

  2. bobaloo says:

    Hey DQ, I’m trying to find some links concerning McHenry being homophobic. Got anything to back it up? I’m only just now getting familiar with him. (I’m not doubting you, I figured you’d have quicker links.)

  3. bobaloo says:

    Oops, nevermind.

  4. queerunity says:

    you can see the story by going to its on their front page

  5. Freedom Fighter says:

    Looks like Cass Ballenger is now even supporting Lance Sigmon after this, despite stumping for McH in ’04. Even the Republicans are embarassed, whoo boy.