Bryan Freeborn For Asheville City Council


{Part Two of a three-part candidates series}

freeborn-fam.jpgBryan Freeborn was appointed to his seat on Council two years ago after Terry Bellamy crushed Joe Dunn for the mayoral seat, leaving her seat unfilled. As the fourth-highest vote getter, the Council chose him in the interest of fairness. And after his two years in the seat, Freeborn has proven himself a tireless public servant, solid decision maker, and leader in areas of public transportation and traffic.

Freeborn has been endorsed this year by the Asheville Firefighters Association, Democracy For America, The Sierra Club, and Democracy Now! While the Asheville Citizen-Times has opted to pander to a broad swath in their endorsements this year, in 2005 they endorsed Bryan Freeborn.

Freeborn’s been running primarily on four issues (click here for more on these):

A voice for working families
Real support for local small businesses
Empowering neighborhoods
Transportation Solutions for a healthier Asheville.

I didn’t support Bryan in his 2005, though I was impressed with the dedication and hard work he put into his campaign. Over the last two years it’s become obvious that Bryan has what it takes not only to make good decisions on Council but to lead our community into a healthier more vibrant future. His unwavering commitment to creating tranportation system that works coupled with his progressive, effective traffic calming efforts have made him a fan of families all over town.

Recently I spoke with Bryan about the rising gang problems in Asheville, and he gave me a thoughtful response that included the following – Speeding the community policing model to which the Council has committed, increasing focus on community building in neighborhoods where crime and drugs make it hard for honest people to live safely, and ensuring enforcement of our existing laws. Makes sense to me.

Freeborn had a long way to go to prove to us that he deserved that seat on Council when he was appointed in 2005. He’s made that long journey, and I’m entirely impressed with his willingness to listen, learn, collaborate, and grow. He’s proven his mettle, and I’m excited to be able to vote for him this time around.

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  1. Ann Onimus says:

    Mr. Freeborn has the best voting record of any council member over the past two years. This should be reason enough to support his continued tenure.

    I am confident that, once elected, Bryan will be able to assert an independence as yet unavailable to him, as he has remained beholden to the four who appointed him two years ago. By electing him to a full four-year term, Asheville will enjoy the leadership of a true progressive.

  2. timpeck says:

    As the fourth-highest vote getter, the Council chose him in the interest of fairness.

    Fairness, indeed. This is not at all clear. Council can appoint anyone to fill the vacated seat. Only once before has a vacant seat been filled by the next-highest vote-getter. They could just as well have appointed Joe Dunn — who got more votes for mayor than Freeborn did for council.

    The truth is that the progressive candidates had previously arranged a pact whereby whomever of the three did not get legitimately elected would be appointed by the others.

  3. Gordon Smith says:


    The truth is that you just repeated a rumor.

  4. John Warren says:


    What are you basing your assertion on. I have seen you post this several times. It is an interesting rumor of paranoia and conspiracy that only you seem to cling on to.