McHenry staffer/roomie pleas to vote fraud


laysmile1.jpg One down. How many more local, state, and national Republican vote fraud and/or sexual abuse court cases to go?

This morning at the Gaston County Courthouse, Patrick McHenry former staffer, aide, and roomie Michael Aaron Lay took a “deferred prosecution deal.

Which amounts to six months unsupervised probation, during which time he must complete 100 hours of community service, $240.50 in court costs and a $250.00 community service fee, for a grand total of $440.50.

If Lay does all that, District Attorney Locke Bell says he will voluntarily dismiss the charges.

I need some help here. If you take a deal and the charges are dropped, does that mean legally it didn’t happen? So did he commit voter fraud or is this a Spiro Agnew nolo contendere-type thing?


For more on Michael Aaron Lay’s voter fraud case with its ties to Patrick McHenry as both roommate and staffer look here and here and here and here and here.

Thanks to Jerimee and anonymous for the heads up and photos. And crossposted everywhere.

Republicans are fun to live, work, and play with.

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  1. Drama Queen says:

    Just noticed the matching wrinkled seersucker suits shared by DA Locke Bell and Lay’s attorney Thom Goolsby (of Wilmington). Just like To Kill a Mockingbird. Not.

  2. rip says:

    What is it with this McHenry bunch and the hair that looks like dogs’ asses?

  3. Drama Queen says:

    what an astute observation.

  4. delirious says:

    Hey – I have a dog.
    That’s insulting.

  5. Drama Queen says:

    But don’t you think that hair on a dog’s ass would be pretty cute?

  6. delirious says:

    You know……I think you may be right!

  7. Drama Queen says:

    I just heard that he could get this record expunged. Can any legal types out there confirm????

  8. Drama Queen says:

    The Hickory Record is reporting that Lay did plead guilty but can sit for the bar in February.

  9. rip says:

    Well I’ve been thinking about getting an Airedale.

  10. Drama Queen says:

    Okay, I’ve got the news on expungement, etc. Since they reduced the charges to misdemeanors, it can all go away like it didn’t happen. I guess that’s what they got DA Locke Bell to do between Monday and Thursday. On Monday (although no one but me reported it), Lay turned down the plea agreement because he was still thinking that he could get away with it. (I guess the coolaid McHenry served him in 04 was still having an effect on his newly legally-trained brain.)

    Also note that the Hickory and Charlotte papers posted this news around midnight. (CO even labeled it “breaking.”) But now there are a dozen stories that have been posted since. Good timing for the McHenry folks, don’t you think? How do they coordinate this stuff. Do you think they arrange it all or that the newspaper people are so intimidated they bury (or fail to report the news) as a matter of habit?

  11. rip says:

    It’s up to us to NOT let it go away like it didn’t happen.

    Maybe we can’t stop the system from letting these buttholes get away with their dirty tricks but we can damned sure keep these stories alive…forever.

  12. Drama Queen says:

    Republicans are stumped as to how to stop this guy. Young Republicans feel manipulated, bullied and betrayed by him. He continues to con and manipulate naive college republican staffers and volunteers. Local Republicans who speak against him are harassed and told to stick with the program. He knows grassroots politics and he knows his district.

    I’m not sure there’s much anyone can do at this point.

  13. Drama Queen says:

    Duh. I just figured out the Airedale comment.

    Hey, rip, do they have cute curly hair on their asses?

  14. rip says:

    “Hey, rip, do they have cute curly hair on their asses?”…..says DQ

    I don’t know about the “cute curly” part. But I’ll look a little closer, just for you, next time.

  15. Drama Queen says:

    Thanks, you make me feel loved.

  16. Drama Queen says:

    Over at NC Conservative, Judson Cox has done a complete overview of the situation. (You’ll note he pimps me so, of course, I’m returning the favor). But his analysis is sound. And he has two things of particular note. One, this is how the McHenry folk are playing the story:

    Some in the McHenry/Stewart camp are already claiming that the deferred prosecution deal means that all charges have been dropped, and prove that Lay did nothing wrong. They maintain that District Attorney Bell was merely out to smear McHenry politically by waging a witch-hunt against an innocent young man. That claim is patently false. Lay has accepted a deferred prosecution deal, which means that he is guilty of the crime he committed, but that the court is showing him a great deal of mercy. Deferred prosecutions are often given to young, non-violent, first-time offenders who cooperate with the prosecution. Essentially, it acknowledges that the offender was young and stupid when he committed the crime, and has seen the error of his ways.

    Also, and more importantly, check out this nugget:

    *The campaign finance reports for Patrick McHenry’s 2004 congressional campaign seem to have gone missing from the NC State Board of Elections website. The SBOE lists McHenry’s finance reports when he was in the NC House, and the reports from his second congressional term, but 2004 and 2005 have disappeared. This is very odd.

    I’m not sure why the state would keep finance reports on Congressional campaigns (I assume that’s what he means) but it looks worthy of note.