Partisan Elections Petition In Question


AC-T: “Efforts to force a public vote on whether Asheville City Council candidates should run by party appear to have fallen short, according to an unofficial authentication of signatures by elections officials.

Workers by late Friday afternoon had checked all but 193 signatures on a petition calling for a referendum on partisan elections. Even if all are found valid, petitioners still would fall 41 signatures short of the required 5,000.”
“The group said it turned in 6,192 signatures opposing the City Council’s vote last month to have candidates run by party.

Election officials had unofficially verified 4,766 signatures and disqualified 1,233, said Trena Parker, director of the Board of Elections.

Parker emphasized that the figures are unofficial. The Board of Elections must certify the validity of the signatures by June 30.”

1. 1,233 people who signed the petition even though they aren’t registered voters and/or city residents? What’s wrong with you people?

2. The Let Asheville Vote movement worked their asses off. To come this close and miss the mark by only a few dozen signatures ought to give our City Councilfolk pause. That’s a lot of organized, pissed-off people to contend with come election time.

3. This is still really up in the air, so we’ll see.

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  1. syntax says:

    Help me understand this. The BoE has until June 30 to certify the validity of the petition signatures. This means, what, -21 days? Or is it June 30, 2008? Or was it a typo?

  2. I thought they had 10 days after submission of the petition, but I guess this is the real deal.

  3. Ten days from submission, which ought to make it July 27.

    Bele Chere is a deadline for lots of fun stuff, if memory serves.

  4. r says:

    It’s a good idea to register people to vote at the same time as getting their signature. This reduces the problem of bad signatures.

  5. Tim Peck says:

    The referendum petition was delivered to the City of Asheville at 5:00 PM on Monday, July 16th with 6,192 signatures. The Buncombe County Board of Elections has 10 working days to verify the signatures and validate the petition. This puts their deadline at July 30th.

    BOE has gone through the signatures once and has apparently found 1,733 to be invalid. That is 41 short of the required 5,000. A second pass may regain the 41.

  6. It’s a real nail-biter, Tim. Good luck on the “second pass”.