Conservatives Out Of Step With America on Immigration


0525-nat-weba1-poll1.gifI’m not naming any names, but a David Duke endorsed Republican presidential candidate and a certain capitulating Democratic Congressman with mountain values share a policy position in regards to immigration reform “NO AMNESTY!” 

The rest of the country is evidently feeling a little less like wetting their pants and deporting 12-20 million undocumented human beings.  It’s funny, isn’t it, that the “NO AMNESTY! INVASION! COCKROACHES!” crowd is so red-faced over an issue that most Americans want to look at soberly, with thoughtful consideration of the humanity involved?

Thunder Pig has been weeping that it’s the end of the Republic if we don’t lock up and deport every single illegal immigrant.  Fire-breathing groups warn us that brown-skinned people will rape our daughters, steal our jobs, and turn America into a taqueria where only human flesh is served.  It’s ridiculous, and they ought to feel silly.

As for the rest of us, let’s just support the moderate view on this and hope that the irrational “NO AMNESTY!” crew takes a few deep breaths and chooses sanity over hysteria.


  1. Bradford says:

    Hiya Screwy. You are correct that a majority seems to favor many of the elements of the proposed bill. However, I think the folling should also be noted:

    In the poll, 75 percent of those who responded favored tougher penalties for employers of illegal workers, and 82 percent said the federal government should do more to reinforce the border.

    These two issues garner the most overwhelming support, so why can’t Congress pass something addressing these two areas first? Let the Goverment prove they can get a handle on this situation and then AND ONLY THEN move on to legalization and worker visa programs.

    Do you think this is an unreasonable or extreme position?

  2. Bradford,

    Sure, toughen up penalties and build a big, shiny fence separating us from Mexico. History has demonstrated how constructive immense walls can be.

    I’m with Bill Richardson on this one, “If you build a ten foot wall, they’ll start bringing eleven foot ladders.” And if not that, then there’s thousands of miles of coastline and Canadian borders.

    I think it’s ridiculous to think (1) we’ll keep immigrants out; and (2) that the Mexico wall isn’t targeting brown people.

    But, sure, build walls and penalize employers. That’ll show ’em.

    I’d prefer to see more efficient legal pathways that allow people to come, show their mettle, then apply for permanent residency. Ours is an evolving nation, and there are too many white people who fear the browning of America.

  3. Bradford says:

    I should add that only 15% of respondents in the same poll favor a fence. I agree that we can’t keep ALL immigrants out, but we can stem the flow (note I didn’t use “invasion”).

    I think you’d see a broader consensus on “amnesty” and worker programs if people trusted the government to do its job. I think people are understandably cynical about promises from Washington.

    I’m sure many people fear the browning of America. I’m not one of those people. But there are cultural and economic factors to consider. If you could snap your fingers and have every person around the world that wants to live in the US instantly appear, our society, economy, and ecology would collapse. Controlled, moderate immigration is good. But like anything, too much of a good thing can kill the goose that laid the golden egg.

  4. petulant says:

    Bring back EUGENICS! Lock all the illegals in oil tankers before they destroy the REPUBLIC.

    Slip in a few Bushes and a Cheney,too.

  5. I do not understand why people keep calling it “Amnesty”. The immigrants have to pay a penalty ($5,000.00) and the head of the household has to leave the country and request to return legally from his homeland and then has to jump through all kinds of hoops to gain citizenship. Amnesty is when we just say:”Oh forget it and here are your papers” We are not doing that.

    But I agree that we must stop big business from profiting from slave labor which as a results also hurts wages for the working American.

    Kai Schwandes

  6. Kai,

    In conversation, I call it “forgiveness”. It drives people crazy.

  7. bradford says:

    I only used “amnesty” because it drives Screwhoo crazy. I’m trying to have a good faith discussion and all I keep hearing in reply is “racist! racist!”.

    Like a lot of complicated issues, this one can’t be solved with ideological sledge hammers or through the lens of fear and hate. It’s going to take border security, employer regulation (as a first step in my opinion) and then a more realistic “foregiveness” process and work programs that don’t allow for abuse or depress wages.

    However, I do believe we can and should enforce border security. And yes I mean the Mexican border. Last I checked, millions of people were not coming across the border from Canada. In fact, if there are really 20 million people from south of the border here illegally and you add their citizen children, that would be like ALL of Canada coming here illegally.

    I’m surprised by the overall poll results to be honest. Living in WNC you start to forget that a majority of Americans are not racist, ignorant, hateful, myopic, theocratic, proto-facsists. The only intolerance I’ve felt recently is to the intolerant that seem to populate these mountains. I think my position is realistic and reasonable and mainstream as indicated by the poll results.

  8. Your position is reasonable, Bradford. I’m cavalier in my responses, but it’s reasonable to want increased border security and worker protections for those who would stay under some sort of guest worker program.

    I wonder about the larger issue of what makes us a nation. If we were so good at controlling things, we wouldn’t be in half the messes we’re in. Part of me prefers to leave immigration up to the immigrants’ savvy, resourcefulness, and invention. This, unfortunately, creates many villains as well as many marginalized people, under the radar of polite society.

    But I’m convinced that amazing lives are being led as well, and that America’s promise is being maximized by many in ways that many American-born people’s aren’t.

    I’m rambling. It’s complicated. I’m going to get some sleep and try this again tomorrow.

    I debate rather stridently in this bloggy living room, but I’m willing to engage more civilly if you’d rather.