Meet Jeff Hunt: Taylor’s heir-apparent


At Saturday’s Karl Rove Memorial 11th District Republican convention, no one could answer the question: “Will Taylor step aside?” So, of course, no one would answer the question: “If he does, who will run” against Democrat Heath Shuler?

But unless Chuck decides to rise from the crypt and run again, District Attorney Jeff Hunt will very likely be the candidate Heath Shuler will have to face for reelection. And when Screwy Hoolie and I finally pinned him down, Hunt admitted that if 8-term former Congressman Charles Taylor doesn’t run in 2008, “I’m at least looking very closely at it.”

Watch WNCNN’s exclusive interview as Hunt discusses his potential candidacy. Listen to his credentials: “I’ve been on the inside group who have run most of the Republican Congressional campaigns since 1976.” Hear him talk about why Republicans lost the Congressional seat they’d held for 16 years, and what they need to do to win it back. You’ll want to listen through to the end where he mentions the H-word and proudly compares Republicans to termites.

Also of note: Hunt tops the list of the Board of Directors of a new federal registered PAC called West Wins. Too young to have filed FEC financial disclosure reports, this is from the groups’ website:

West Wins is a group of Republican workers who are dedicated to winning the 2008 governorship of North Carolina, winning back the 11th congressional seat, keeping our other congressional seats and our US Senate seats and winning offices from the Courthouse to the White House!

West Wins recognizes the need for Western North Carolina to unite to accomplish these goals. We are currently operating with a skeleton staff and dedicated volunteers. Our expertise and experience is well rooted in successful campaigns of WNC Republican candidates.

In case you’re inclined to dismiss this organization due to its youth, consider these facts:

  • Its board includes Republican leaders from all three Western North Carolina DistrictsIncumbent
  • 5th District Congresswoman Virginia Foxx keynotes their May 5 “Campaign Kickoff Reception and Dinner (i.e., fundraiser)
  • They’ve mass mailed donation requests that start at $200 and range up to $2400.
  • They’ve instituted a sophisticated district-wide letter-to-the-editor campaign.

And, whether Taylor runs again or not, Hunt clearly plans to continue to be a major player in the upcoming Congressional race. Now one question remains: Will Taylor step aside early enough to give Hunt enough time to build name recognition — his biggest deficit in this potential contest against the increasingly influential Shuler.


  1. Drama Queen says:

    Screwy, did you notice that Mr. Hunt failed to be seen anywhere near dear Karl. And that “meeting” he was in for so long when we were trying to find him. I wonder who he was meeting with?????

    Was anyone seen with Karl, except for the emcee . . . gee, I wonder why?

  2. Drama Queen says:

    Feedback via telephone and email: Hunt is known to be “a moron, lazy,” and “he’s pissed off a lot of people.” So, maybe Heath doesn’t have anything to worry about.

  3. I’m not trusting any of those opinions. Hunt is a qualified candidate with Taylor’s trust, and he’s been in politics for 35 years. A legislator told me he was “Taylor’s hand-picked successor”.

    Also, we got footage of John Armor, another candidate “thinking” about getting into race. Armor let WNCNN know that if he were to stop thinking about running and start running, he’d need lots of volunteers and supporters.

    Tom Apodoca didn’t even attend the event.

    It looks like Jeff Hunt’s the guy.

  4. blue south says:

    I wouldnt assume Apodoca is the guy. He seems smart enough to realize that being in a room with Rove is probably a bad thing.

    Could very well be a RNC endorsed Hunt vs NCGOP Apodoca. Dont forget about that little cat fight that has been going on for a while now.

  5. Drama Queen says:

    Blue: I’m a little confused. No one is saying Apodaca is the man (I used to think so but the district chair confirmed what I’ve heard from several sources. Apodaca isn’t interested. Or, at least, someone close to him is helping him be not interested.)

    As to Jeff Hunt: he, like everyone else, was tiptoeing around the elephant not in the room. He will only be free to run once Taylor’s bloated ego gets out of the way.

  6. rip says:

    He was a very ineffective DA. I doubt he will get much serious support form the districts where he served.

    Besides that he looks like a dumbass.

  7. rip says:

    Sorry to go off topic here….

    ….but any report about Heath’s appearance at the Civitas thing??????

  8. Bradford says:

    He almost comes across as a reasonable and thoughtful person…but what is up with those glasses?

  9. Michelle A. Mead says:

    Hey, how about putting that John Armor interview up?

  10. blue south says:

    sorry DQ. I meant is NOT the guy. A very important word.

    I dont know, I just cant imagine him NOT running especially if this guy is the one running. But then again, if Apodaca isnt interested and this is the only guy running we might see a Chucky v Heath version 2, which would probably make 06 look calm and sweet and friendly.

  11. Drama Queen says:

    Rip, as to Civitas: There’s stuff at BlueNC. Too busy to get you a link but I think the N&O had a column. There’s a conservative website that quoted Grover Norquist being amazingly nasty. We should sum it up here but I’m off to Arizona tonight and still want to get a minute or two of Rove on YouTube . . . . It was too gorgeous this weekend to spend time on a computer!

  12. rip says:

    Thanks, DQ, have fun in Az.

    I looked at Blue NC and it didn’t look like Shuler fared too well.

    I thought he might turn into the whippin’ boy in this get-together.

    I hope he learned his lesson.


  13. syntax says:

    The above comment was rescued from the spam filter – did you guys get any John Armor interview action to put online?

  14. We’ve got Armor video, yes.

    We chose to air the Hunt video since it was breaking. John Armor is as serious a candidate as Hunt, and his interview will also air. Our decision to put up the Hunt and Rove vids were due to ‘breaking’ status and time-sensitivity.

    Drama Queen is gone for week in Arizona, so we’ll get Armor’s up after she gets back and can put it together. No offense intended. We’re a humble blog with limited personpower.

  15. syntax says:

    Cool… I wanna see it too, when DQ gets around to posting it.

    It’s hard to be a John Armor fan without being a fan of Congressman BillyBob as well, but there it is. I am a John Armor fan.

  16. Drama Queen says:

    Yeah, I’ll get the Armor stuff up when I get back . . . He was extremely accommodating and interesting. I just hope the audio is okay because it was in a crowd and quite noisy. If it’s not that good, we’ll just have to book an interview with him, don’t you think, Screwy?