Mumpower Army: Stamping Out Hippies Wherever We Go


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The ever-present Asheville Citizen-Times caught some Ashevillains mocking the Mump down at the Widespread Panic show tonight. That’s funny.

Excerpt: “As doors opened at 7 p.m., concert-goers streamed in as Asheville residents Gordon Smith and James Lewis handed out Mumpower masks. Lewis made the masks mocking Mumpower and his stance.”

Scrutiny Hooligans applaud Councilman Mumpower when he goes after crackheads, but when he goes after young people who pay money to see rock concerts in our city, Hooligans draw an irreverent line. Councilman Mumpower – Leave those kids alone.

Citizen-Times Video Diva serves up the multimedia here.

UPDATE: AC-T reporter Adam Behsudi has more – “Carl Mumpower wasn’t hard to spot during Friday night’s Widespread Panic show at the Civic Center.

Hundreds of concertgoers held up cutout masks of the city councilman who attended to observe what he considers a drug hot spot during large concerts.”

UPDATE: The latest version of the story is here. No fun masks in this one, but Councilman Mumpower expresses his satisfaction with the twenty police officers and drug dogs who made four arrests in the crowd of 6,600.

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  1. 250 masks made their way into the show, and a roadie told us that he’d given four to the band.

    3 different police officers asked for masks and walked away laughing.

  2. Drama Queen says:

    You guys are too funny. LOL.

    More importantly, are there any left over for the county convention tomorrow?

  3. as it goes often, those screaming the loudest about such things have something to hide themselves

    not that I am saying Councilman Mumpower has a personal issue ….

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  5. hank says:


    I write for the Mountain Xpress and need to get in touch with the maker of the mumpower masks for a story i need to file ASAP… please respond to my email address–i assume you can access that info in my profile–if not, post here with the best way to reach you, and i’ll check back later…
    anyone who can post a way to contact screwy direcly would be appreciated…

    best, hank

  6. Screwy Hoolie says:

    You can always email us at




    dot to the com

    I’ve put in a call to the mask-maker.