Patsy Keever: Bona Fide Progressive


Patsy Keever has been campaigning hard for nearly a year for Western North Carolina’s 11th Congressional District. Her central campaign issues of health care, jobs, education, and the environment have been turning the heads of this constituency long dominated by the slash and burn politics of 14-year incumbent Charles Taylor. Keever’s career of schoolteaching, county commission, and congressional candidate has sculpted a candidate with impeccable ethics, unassailable values, and a network of support three generations deep.

The latest good news came in today as Howard Dean’s Democracy for America named Keever as one of newest members of the Dean Dozen – candidates supported by Howie D. and his grassroots network. From DFA’s email announcement, “Retired public school teacher Patsy Keever needs your help today. The Republican incumbent in the 11th Congressional District is a rubber stamp for George W. Bush… and we can change that. Democracy for America joins the grassroots of Democracy for North Carolina in enthusiastically backing Patsy Keever in her race to take back North Carolina.”

This endorsement comes on the heels of backing by Atrios at Eschaton that’s garnered Keever over $6,100 in donations in a week. Keever’s bio at Emily’s List rounds out the fantastic endorsements that have come her way.

Keever’s campaign team and army of over 600 active volunteers have been working tirelessly to reclaim the district for the working (or recently laid off) people of Western NC. Give up some time or money for Patsy. She’s on a roll.

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